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Wayne-DuPage Hunt was recognized by the Masters of Foxhounds Association in 1940 when a merger was formed between the Wayne Hunt and the DuPage Hunt of Wheaton, Illinois.


Wayne-DuPage Hunt rides over private and public land that is graciously provided by the residents of Wayne and the DuPage and Kane County Forest Preserve Districts. 


Wayne-DuPage Hunt is an entirely volunteer based organization.  As a member of the Wayne-DuPage Hunt, you are expected to participate to the best of your ability to maintain and promote the organization through various volunteer efforts. There are many ways to support our hunt and become involved. We encourage you to volunteer, as this involvement strengthens member relations, land owner appreciation, and commitment to the sport. We are the best we can be because of our volunteers!

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Wayne-DuPage Hunt enjoys drag hunting  3 times a week during the hunt season, which begins with Cubbing  in mid-August. The long standing tradition of Blessing of the Hounds takes place in late September, officially starting the formal hunt season.  More than 8000 acres of private and public land is graciously provided by the residents of Wayne and the DuPage and Kane County Forest Preserve Districts.

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Wayne-DuPage Hunt is proud of its foxhounds. Our pack consists of American and English  Foxhound crossbred strains. Hounds are kenneled at the newly constructed  WDH state of the art facility. When not hunting, the hounds are exercised every morning.  Beginning in March,  members are encouraged help walk the hounds and get to know them by name.  In late spring, hounds are exercised with riders on horseback to prepare them for the upcoming hunt season.

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​Hunt clothing is both traditionally beautiful and practical. It evolved as the most appropriate attire for conditions found in the hunt field relating to weather and terrain. It is a sign of respect to the landowner for horse and rider to be well turned out. It is most pleasing to the landowner and other spectators to view a field of well-dressed foxhunters. Hunt clothing should be well fitted, neat, clean and workmanlike. Some hunts vary to some degree so it is always best to check with a knowledgeable member before hunting as a guest.



Mounted foxhunting is a traditional sport that has not changed much over the years in large part due to the guidelines and rules of safety, courtesy and the traditions of the sport that are enjoyed when riding to hounds. Proper hunt etiquette relates to horse turnout, rider attire and the behavior of horses and riders in the field. These guidelines are what help to maintain the beauty of the sport and preserve its longevity. They also help to keep it as fun and safe as possible for everyone's enjoyment.


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