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Guests are Welcome

Hunt members wishing to bring a guest must first contact a Master of Foxhounds for an invitation. Guests may hunt three times before they are expected to join. 

Guests must:

  1. Be introduced to the Master of Foxhounds and the appropriate Field Master.

  2. Register with the Hunt Secretary.

  3. Sign proper release forms (WDH waiver, WACF waiver) and pay fees prior to hunting.   

  4. Must ride with host in the hunt field unless invited by a Master to do otherwise.


It is a hunt member's responsibility when bringing a guest to ride with that guest, advise him or her of their duties and assist him or her as needed.

Cubbing and Formal Hunting Seasons:

Guests may hunt with permission of the Masters.

Adults and Juniors:  $100 for weekends; $50 for weekday hunts.

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